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You care about the content, we take care of the rest!

A text is not just about content …

Therefore, after the final point, our work begins, with the purpose of guaranteeing a clear, objective, concise, coherent, fluent and style-appropriate text in the context in which it will be published.

Review requires technical knowledge about languages and the peculiarities of each textual genre.

We prepare your text to perfectly communicate your idea to the reader, improving the used language, correcting problems of spelling, translating its content and adapting it to the technical norms demanded by the institution, always respecting the style of the written production itself.

The review and consulting services ensure the stoning and embellishment of what your creative capacity has been able to develop.

Review requires technical knowledge about languages ​​and the peculiarities of each textual genre.

Review types:

Academic review

Focused on works such as theses, dissertations, monographs, TCCs, MBAs, specializations, articles, projects, among others. Careful and scientific work.

Editorial review

Correction of grammatical and spelling errors, structural questions, references and footnotes. Includes: books, newspapers, magazines, periodicals and other materials related to the editorial line.

Content production review

Aimed at advertising agencies and companies. Responsible for reviewing all internal material, websites, catalogs, reports, e-books, blogs, advertisements, promotional materials, etc.

Know our services:

  • spelling and grammar revision
  • preparation of texts
  • formatting
  • technical standardization
  • consulting in textual production
  • Translation