How to format thesis in ABNT standards in a few minutes

Formatting a quality thesis is one of the major concerns of college students, the format of CBT and its scope can vary greatly depending on the course and institution. In addition, students should be aware of ABNT standards and the format required for the written document. This is where most students end up getting confused.

Association of Technical Standards defines several standards that are composed by the following NBRs

NBR 14724 – Academic Work

NBR 10520 – Quotations

NBR 6022 – Printed scientific articles

NBR 6023 – References

NBR 6027 – Summary / 2012

NBR 6028 – Abstract and Abstract

NBR 6024 – Progressive numbering of sections of a document

NBR 6034 – Table of Contents

NBR 15287 – Research project

The norms defined by NBRs are “recommendations”, which are or are not followed in their entirety by educational institutions.

Your university can provide a model of CBT, however, however good the model offered, however complete, you will still have to make infinite changes in this document.

How to form my monograph quickly?

Knowing how to format a CBT can be very useful, but in the end, formatting all the work ends up requiring a lot of effort and taking a lot of time from the student. With that in mind, Mettzer has developed a solution that solves this problem.

Mettzer is an online text editor that automatically formats the works in the ABNT Standards and also helps teachers in the guidelines.

That’s it! The application formats your TCC without worrying about margins, spacing, font size, summary, pagination, lists, references, and all those “demonic” details.

Some benefits offered by the tool:

  • Automatic summary
  • Automatic paging
  • Automatic lists
  • Pre-structured work
  • Automatic formatting of illustrations
  • Automatic citation formatting
  • Automatic formatting of references
  • And much more!

Having to pay attention to all the details, making infinite adjustments and rework are things of the past. It is possible to use ABNT standards in an agile and practical way. In addition, the advisor can correct and make changes to the application’s direct work.

Mettzer allows you to dedicate 100% to the content of your work and do not waste time having to format it.